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Lehigh students are making tremendous progress as Global Innovation Fund participants. Under the guidance of both Kambria engineers and Lehigh Computer Science Professor, Mooi Choo Chuah, students are adding facial recognition features to the Ohmni robot that will make it even more useful in everyday life.

Last month we reported that students had successfully integrated voice commands. Users can issue drive commands to the robot and hold a simple conversation with it. In case you missed it, here is a video of the voice commands in action.

Since our last update, students have added real-time facial recognition and detection into the Ohmni robot’s capabilities. Student integrated two models by OpenCV and TensorFlow Lite and used an SQLite database to store the face feature vectors along with names. With that part of the model complete, they can integrate it with other robot systems. The goal is to have the robot be able to identify up to 200 faces. We look forward to sharing more Lehigh updates with you soon!

About the Global Innovation Fund

The Global Innovation Fund aims to change the antiquated grant application process and make R&D investment cross-border, scalable, and radically more efficient. Through the Fund, Kambria will leverage its academic and corporate networks to globally connect researchers looking for funding with companies seeking advanced technology resources. To learn more about the Kambria Global Innovation Fund or to discuss a potential project, please email info@kambria.io.

The Kambria Team

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