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As part of the VietAI Summit 2019, Phuong Hoang gave a presentation covering how robots can be taken from simulation to real robots.

Recently, we have seen great potential applications of both consumer and industrial robots. However, it is not one night story to build a robot from scratch. In this talk, Phuong provides a working pipeline to build a real robot from mechanics design to simulation to construct a real legged robot. He then looks at an optimization perspective of kinematics and dynamics of the robot. Lastly, he further discusses integrating modern AI techniques such as Bayesian filtering, NLP and Computer Vision in the robot.

Robotics development is no simple task. In this presentation, CEO of GraphicsMiner, Mr. Phuong Hoang explains how to transition from theoretical design to building physical robots.

As an educational platform, EduSi, GraphicsMiner created interactive software to build simulations of real-world problems in the form of games. These fun programs were launched to over 1,000 teachers and students across Vietnam. Through feedback from this platform, GraphicsMiner discovered that many students were interested in transitioning from computer simulations to building real physical robots. So, their team set out to do just that, and thus, the S-Ant Robot was born. 

Phuong Hoang on stage with their S Ant 2 robot
Mr. Hoang demonstrates the S-Ant’s mobility

Powered by Arduino/Jetson Nano, this 25 DOF uses ROS, object detection & segmentation, and inverse & forward kinematics. In building this nimble robot, GraphicsMiner learned the entire development process from scratch, and is now taking this knowledge to assist their students to be able to create physical robots of their own. 

Included in the discussion is a lesson on how to optimize movements of the robot to ensure fluid movements, while expending the least amount of energy. It is not enough to build the robot on its own, but also to make them as efficient as possible. Doing full-stack optimization is a critical part of making legged locomotion efficient, and involves optimizing every part of the system from joint and motion planning to mechanical design and motors.

Taking the robot through mechanical design, through simulation, to building the real robot can seem daunting, but Mr. Hoang highlights that soon, their design will be released, and with a 3D printer, you will be able to build one for yourself.  Pre-orders for both advanced and standard S-Ant Robots have begun.

You can learn more about EduSi on their website: http://edusi.graphicsminer.com/en/home/

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About VietAI Summit 2019

More than 450 people attended VietAI Summit 2019, “AI for The Future,” organized by VietAI and Kambria. With a program featuring many reputable guest speakers from big tech companies such as Google Brain, Toyota Research Institute, Kambria, NVIDIA, VinAI Research, Vinbrain, Deakin University, and Vietnam National University HCMC, we received many fresh insights into the exciting state of AI research and application, not just in Vietnam, but also around the world. To receive an invitation to VietAI Summit 2020, Like the VietAI Facebook page and Like the Kambria Facebook page.


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