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Kambria is honored that Vietnamese entrepreneur and CEO, Dr. Thuc Vu, was featured in two important television programs which aired in Vietnam in celebration of Lunar New Year. The programs were “The Return Day” and “Welcome Tet with VTV.”

“The Return Day” is a key program that has won many awards in Vietnam for Journalism and Foreign Information and is broadcast by Vietnam Television every year on Lunar New Year. The program features Vietnamese community members living, studying and working abroad. Each year, the program’s main theme is chosen to share the inspiring stories of Vietnamese citizens abroad who continue to keep their Vietnamese roots, culture, and people in their hearts.

This year, the program featured Vietnamese entrepreneur Dr. Thuc Vu, CEO of Kambria. He is a familiar figure in the overseas Vietnamese community having received his Ph.D. at Stanford University at the age of 28. Dr. Thuc Vu is also an inspiration for many young people for having founded several successful tech startups such as Kantago (acquired by Google), Tappy (acquired by Weeby.co), KnightScope, OhmniLabs, and most recently, Kambria.

In “The Return Day”, Dr. Thuc Vu shared with the audience about the OhmniLabs project and the valuable stories that the project has brought to the community.

Click here to watch Dr. Thuc Vu’s segment on The Return Day

Ohmni robot, a product of OhmniLabs, is an indoor robot that allows users to connect with their loved ones via video chat. Ohmni gives users a natural experience as if they are interacting and chatting directly with relatives at a distance, eliminating the inconvenience of using a normal computer or tablet when listening to the call.

One group the Ohmni Robot aims to support is the elderly, who easily become lonely if there is no one around them regularly. According to the US Population Research Institute, 70% of the elderly in the US currently live alone. The Ohmni robot can help them connect with relatives anytime, anywhere, allowing them to communicate with relatives who are far away and to have real experiences with their children as if they are right next door.

Mrs. Thelma Arkley used the Ohmni Robot to call her grandchild. She currently lives independently in an elderly apartment complex in Palo Alto, California.
Ohmni robot also rescued an elderly woman in the US from an accident: relatives of an elderly woman used the Ohmni robot to find and discover that her grandmother had fainted, could not call for an emergency
Not only used by the elderly, Ohmni robots have helped many students overcome geographic obstacles in attending school
The most touching story of the Ohmni Robot that helped an ill student attend class

Dr. Thuc Vu is one of the leaders in the startup movement in Vietnam. In addition to managing OhmniLabs projects, he actively participates in many organizations in Vietnam such as VietAI and Vietseeds. Vietseeds is a scholarship fund for underprivileged students, while VietAI is an educational program for programmers in the field of artificial intelligence. This program will bring AI courses from Stanford University and Google to train students and engineers in Vietnam.

Dr. Thuc Vu participated in the VietAI Summit 2018 event and discussed practical AI applications with leading AI experts in Vietnam

Watching “The Return Day”, the audience also heard the start-up stories of Vietnamese people like Mrs. Bui Thi Hy. She is considered to be Chu Dau pottery artisan — Vietnam in the fifteenth century. Or a thrilling story about the branding journey of Vietnamese billionaires in New Caledonia (South Pacific region), Mr. Andre Dang Van Nha. Plus the story of businessman Tran Ngoc Phuc who invented the first breathing machine for babies in Japan.

From left to right: Dr. Thuc Vu, Mr. Andre Dang, Dr. Nguyen Thanh My, Mr. Tran Ngoc Phuc

Sharing about upcoming plans, Dr. Thuc Vu said that in the future, he wants to build the developer community and technology engineers in Vietnam with the aim of researching and developing products in the fields of AI technology and Robotics.

This opportunity for Vietnamese students to learn and challenge themselves is in direct alignment with Kambria’s Master Plan where one of the primary goals is to build a strong developer community. Kambria will use many approaches — such as incentives, hackathons, educational programs, and collaboration within our Open Innovation Hub — to meet this objective. Please review our Master Plan for more information.

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