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Technology has always been a passion of mine. I got my first computer when I was four years old, and I have been enthralled with electronics since then. This was my first experience with both CES and OhmniLabs-Kambria in a live event. Having been a part of several major blockchain events, I was already familiar with CES, but this particular event was very interesting because it brings together all of the latest technological innovations under one roof. This provides a unique opportunity to share with more traditional technology people about blockchain technology. The key verticals were robotics, AI, computing, and yes, blockchain.

Photos of CES 2019
OhmniLabs Booth (left) — CES Main (center) — OhmniLabs Team Huddle (right)

Among a sea of the most advanced technologies in the world, our booth was located in the vast Sands Expo Convention Center, which is located within the Venetian Hotel and Casino. We had with us a team of eleven, and our booth was heavily visited. It was great to be among the greatest innovators in the world. We had with us a variety of Ohmni robots, including our cobot (robotic arm) and the brand-new Ohmni Supercam Telepresence Robot. We had no shortage of people stopping by our booth for a test drive of our products. Between Jared Go’s robotic martial arts (see video), and the OhmniBot test-drives, the OhmniLabs booth was a never-ending rotation of interest.

OhmniLabs booth of CES 2019

We went invited to speak at two events at CES, and I attended both events. On day one of CES, Dr. Tra Vu, COO of Kambria and OhmniLabs, dazzled the stage in a robotics startup pitch, which was hosted by none other than TechStars! The pitch went incredible, and we received a great deal of interest from both the judges and the spectators overall.

Tra Vu on Techstars stage

Next up, Dr. Thuc Vu, CEO of OhmniLabs, was invited to speak on a panel: “Creating Tomorrow’s Robotic Caregivers.” This was, in my opinion, the highlight of CES because the discussion really took a deep-dive into the true nature of the problems robotics are meant to solve. Are they not designed to improve the quality of human life? Who stands to benefit the most? Those who need to be cared for: elderly, children, those with infirmities, disabilities, and are otherwise inhibited. Dr. Vu’s approach was very thorough and to the point: there are real people, today, who are benefiting from these platforms. The impact they can have is honestly undeniable, and it became quite obvious that this is something the world needs. It was fantastic to learn so much in a few short days.

Thuc Vu on panel at CES

Due to the widely varying robotics applications, it became very obvious that the robotics space is still very much in the early stages of development. People are creating an array of new robots for new use-cases to see what works and what does not. It was great to be able to put what I learned into action, as many people were asking questions about the robots. Some quick points about OhmniLab’s OhmniBot:

  • The operator of the device is generally in a remote location, controlling the robot via smartphone or computer; therefore, the recipient of the robot does not need any electronics skills at all.
  • Because we 3-D print everything, we are able to undercut our competitors and pass those savings on to consumers.
  • The consumer robotics industry is quite small in terms of actual home-ready products, which puts OhmniLabs in a really great position, as we are quite early.
  • OhmniLabs has several customization options, including a cobot arm as an attachment, LIDAR and Autonomous Navigation, and customizable software options.
  • There is a need for at least one of these robots in every school so that children can still attend class while at home, with ailments of any kind.

Being at CES makes you realize what an incredible time it is to be alive. We are shaping the world of tomorrow, and the future truly is what we make it. CES was great. One of my favorite parts of the event was connecting with the OhmniLabs and Kambria team. Surrounding yourself with motivated and like-minded individuals is exhilarating because you see the vision, and you want to build alongside them. I’d like to thank the OhmniLabs team for having me with them in Las Vegas for this awesome event!

I look forward to attending more technology events as we work to build the Kambria Open Innovation Platform. We are working now around the clock to bring our community of developers, entrepreneurs, roboticists, and enthusiasts new updates, so keep your eyes on our channels.

2019 is our year.

William Ryan — Kambria Community Manager

Email: info@kambria.io

KAT is a token used on the Kambria platform.


Kambria Community Manager. As a cryptocurrency specialist and content creator, my goal is to effectively communicate the team's milestones, goals, announcements, and accomplishments, as well as to engage our awesome community in a meaningful way. I truly believe in the power of open collaboration and true innovation, and I can't wait to see what we can build together.