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Kambria recently sponsored and attended Blockchain on the Beach from November 17th through 19th — and yes, it was as cool at it sounds! Held in Laguna Beach, California, the event was created by Kambria’s partners Qrypto Queens and Women Investing in Woman Digital to bring together influencers in blockchain with a focus on impact investing. In attendance were highly-influential blockchain and cryptocurrency executives sharing their insights about how to lead our industry in creating a larger, more positive force in the world.

Kambria’s Head of Marketing, Dhana Pawar

The event brought together a mix of family offices, regulation experts, and leaders of platforms such as NEMEOS, and iComply. It was great to meet Sheila Warren, Head of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology at the World Economic Forum. Sheila spoke about blockchain in emerging markets, regulations, and shared impact stories of women pushing boundaries and the economies that have been transformed as a result. Sheila is a true powerhouse and it was an honor to meet her in person.

We also had the pleasure of hearing from Rachel Payne, Founder of FEM Inc, and Veronica Reynolds, head of Women in Blockchain’s LA Chapter. They led an open discussion about how governments are implementing blockchain solutions and shared use cases for government adoption.

They also provided a greater understanding of blockchain and crypto-specific regulatory considerations and discussed how cryptocurrency can be used to fund political campaigns. Really interesting! Afterward, we all joined together to eat delicious food provided by Montage Laguna Beach.

In addition to networking with and learning from so many industry experts, we all participated in the global launch of Krypto for Kids. Maxim Sindall (17) and Arya Sitara Bhardwaj (7) created a Bitcoin mining rig from scratch right before our very eyes! They also taught us the basics of mining, showed us how we can mine at home, and displayed their app which will gamify cryptocurrency. This was a very cool session and it was amazing to see kids so passionate about our industry.

Overall, this was a wonderful event! We met many new investors and family offices and learned about projects they are working on to make a positive change, in addition to getting a deeper understanding of the latest regulations and best practices for blockchain projects. If you have a chance to attend next year, we’d love to see you!

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