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Dear Kambrians,

In order to foster the spirit of learning and sharing from each other in our community, we would like to invite the developer community to participate in the Kambria Community Contest “Deeptech EdVid Creation” S2E1 to share insightful expertise as well as exciting journeys from their hands-on projects.

What is EdVid? EdVid is a short educational video covering various topics about deeptech such as AI, Robotics, AR, VR, IoT, and so on; which is listed in Kambria EduKATion Knowledge Base. We aim to make specialized knowledge more accessible to a broader audience. 

Let's see how to participate in this contest: 

Contest Rules

  1. Criteria: 
  • Participants will submit an EdVid to share about their journey working on a hands-on technology project for learning, research, experimentation and experience. 
  • The EdVid should showcase the project's implementation journey and the team involved. Here is a suggestion content, which including 4 main parts: 
  1. EdVid Submission Round:
  1. Qualification Round: 
  • Kambria will qualify the EdVids and share our feedback to help you improve the work before the Evaluation Round.
  1. Evaluation Round by Judge Committee:
  • Kambria will invite senior developers from our community to join the Judge Committee for the Contest and assess the EdVids. 
  • Top 7 EdVids with scores of at least 7/10 will qualify for the Voting Round.
  1. Voting Round
  • The qualified EdVids will be listed on the Voting poll with 30% cuts of the EdVids.
  • Community will vote for EdVids of your choice.
  • Voters must be active members of the Kambria Discord community in order for their vote to be legitimate. Active members are determined by the MEE6 Leaderboard with at least Experience 30.
  • Each active member can vote only once for 1 EdVid.
  1. EdVids Review Minigame:
  • During the contest, we have a minigame for community members, which is the EdVids Review Minigame. A member of the community will review each qualified EdVid at the Minigame tab on Kambria Platform, including these questions:
    • Which specific EdVid would you like to review?
    • What are your thoughts regarding this EdVid?
    • How would you rate this EdVid?
    • What insights or knowledge have you gained from this EdVid?
    • What questions do you have for the creators of this EdVid?
  • The 5 greatest reviews (raising valuable insights, sharing interesting points of view, asking insightful questions, etc.), which are selected by the Kambria Team, will be rewarded $20 in KAT BEP20 for each question.
  1. Rewards: 
  • The results will be compiled by evaluation results by the Judge Committee (60%) and votes from the community (40%).
  • The top 3 EdVids will collectively receive a prize pool of $1,000 in KAT BEP20, distributed based on the respective Total Scores ratio. 


Month 1-3- Announcement - Calling for developer communities to participate
- Qualification Round
Week 12Submission Deadline
Month 4Evaluation Round
Month 5Voting Round and Minigame
Month 6Result Announcement and Award
Month 7EdVids Listing

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Kambria Admin team in Discord https://discord.gg/DM333x2M55.

Looking forward to learning and sharing with our dear community members.




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