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Dear Kambria Community! Thank you so much for taking the time participating in our AMA with CIO of Hashed, Hwisang Kim. The Kambria team and Hwisang truly enjoyed answering all your questions. Below is a summary of the questions that were asked and answered during the AMA. As there was a time limit, we could not answer all the questions. If we missed yours, please post them again in our main Telegram channel. The team will get back to you quickly.

Were you aware of OhmniLabs prior to them launching their blockchain project Kambria? And if so, are you also an investor of Ohmni?
We are not investor of OhmniLabs but we knew few OhmniLabs Investors.

Could you please share your investment thesis and how Kambria fits into it?
Shortly, the most important thing when we invest is founder. Dr. Thuc Vu is great entrepreneur who has exit experience from previous companies and also great engineer. We believe that he could lead Kambria project successfully.

I see your CEO organized Hashed Lounge, and you yourself have been a passionate advocate of the crypto meetup culture, and I personally believe community is one of the most important factors in good crypto projects today. What is the Meetup culture like in Korea?
There many meetups and crypto events in Korea these days but most of them are retail investors but we are trying to invite engineers and entrepreneur in our hashedlounge so that meetup could be more productive.

Hi Hwisang, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions today! I am very impressed with Hashed and want to know more about your strategy for building a vibrant crypto community?
We have multiple community strategies
1) Hashed lounge : Meetup with great project and entrepreneur. We would like to bring great projects to Korea and also educate Koreans.
2) Hashed post : We conduct deep interview with entrepreneur and release those article among Korean communities and press
3) Hashed night : We are inviting institutional investors and blockchain companies to discuss blockchain technology and also great project.

Hi Hwisang, whats the investment strategy for Hashed during this bear market situation?
We are still investing in the projects but we became more conservative and selective.

In what way do you contribute to Hashed, but more specifically, in what ways are you contributing to Kambria?
We are connecting robotics companies and labs in Korea and also advising on their business and technology.

What do you see as the biggest differences between asian crypto market vs the rest of the world?
I think Asian community is more active than rest of the world.

Where do you go to get the latest news and information on crypto and blockchain?
From many sources. Crypto news and articles that are public. And also we are discussing and sharing with other projects and other funds about blockchain news.

In what ways do you see the next generation of robotics helping improve the quality of life for people across the globe?
I personally believe robotics will change the world a lot. Robots will do most of labors and human will be able to focus on more productive and creative things.

I have a few questions for Hwisang Kim:
1. What does he look for in a project in terms of top 3 qualities?
2. Why did he purchase Kambria tokens? I.e., What does he saw in Kambria that he likes?
3. What is his vision of Kambria in 2030?
1. Founders, Token economics, Target Market
2. Robotics will change the world a lot and also we thougt team is great.
3. Personally I think it will be the most successful decentralised robotics platform.

How are Kambria and Hashed similar from a more intimate point of view as companies? For example, what values tie you together?
We both believe in decentralization and I think it will change the world a lot and will affect to our human lives in a good way.

Where do you see this project going? Realistically, what do the next 5 years look like to you?
I expect next five years, there will be many robots from Kambrias platform 🙂 The world will be more decentralised and Kambria will also be part of it.

What do you see as the most differences between traditional VCs and crypto VCs?
Traditional VC invest in equity mostly but CryptoVC invest in both. I think crypto VC has better understanding on blockchain and crypto so they tend to take more risk on investing in crypto.

What motivates you? Gets you up in the morning to keep doing what you do, no matter what.
I think it is mostly my family and my goal in my life. In terms of investment, I am very happy when it goes well and become successful project.

What are some of the practical applications of blockchain that you hope to see more of?
I would like to more financial applications because exiting financial platform could get a lot of benefits from adopting blockchain.

Do you see Kambria products will in real usecases in 2019?
Yes. They are targeting to launch full product this year and working hard. The team have also been doing great job with OhmniLabs so I think it will be great blockchain usecases this year.

What kind of traction do you look for in a blockchain project before making an investment decision?
You meant our investment thesis? We think most important is who is leading to project so founder is the most important when we invest.

Between the technical challenges and regulation challenges, which do you worry more about?
To be honest I don’t really worry about both but If I have to choose one of them, that would be regulation since many government doesn’t have clear regulation so far and seems it is slow than tech.

The Kambria Team!


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