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Kambria will be one of twenty blockchain projects to participate in the greatly anticipated Blockchain Stars television show hosted on YouTube.

With over 100,000 subscribers, BTC TV is hosting the first-of-its-kind “Shark Tank” style blockchain startup competition, where twenty startups will compete head-to-head in a winner-takes-all event for a total prize worth $100,000! BTC TV is sponsored by several major companies including CoinMarketCap, ICO Bench, Bitbay Exchange, Exrates, and more!

The competition begins by giving a one-minute pitch, followed by questions from the judges. If we are selected by a judge, we will move on to the next round. Round two, aired the following week, involves the Judges selecting one project each to move on to the final round. Round three allows the community to vote for one of the projects (from those that did not pass round two) to continue on to the final round. For round four, one winner will be selected to win a total prize valued at $100,000.

The pre-recorded episode will be posted on the BTC TV YouTube Channelon January 27th. We will be sure to post the video in our Telegram as well.

We are also giving away $1,000 in KAT to the person who asks the best question to Kambria in the YouTube comments in the episode. Please leave your questions no later than January 30th at 11:59 PM PST (UTC-8). So be sure to tune in, turn up, and bring your best questions!


Venue: BTC TV YouTube Channel

Date: January 27th, 2019

For more information, please visit the BTC TV Website: https://stars.b-t-c.tv/

We look forward to your support. Kambrians! Please be sure and tune in for a chance to win $1000 in KAT.

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