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Community Contests #3 on Kambria are here! An Opportunity to Shine and Get Great Rewards

The four community contests are back and open for participation. Whether you’re a student, researcher, developer, or simply interested in innovation, there’s a place for you in our collaborative environment. Let’s work together toward a common goal and unlock great rewards. 

Check out the contests now!

Project Nomination Contest #3: Nominate developer teams for Kambria robotics DAOs: Pet Care, Mine Clearing, and Ocean Cleanup

🚀 Kambria’s Deeptech Project Nomination Contest is back and better than ever! 

Hey Kambrians, it’s time to nominate the most talented and innovative developer teams for Kambria’s robotics DAOs, including Pet Care, Mine Clearing, and Ocean Cleanup.

Besides potential collaborations in Kambria DAOs, your nomination will also give these teams the recognition and a chance to be part of our Kambria Open Innovation Network. 

The top 5 nominees with at least 20 votes will receive a reward of $100 in KYTE. 

Join us in showcasing and driving the global innovation community forward. 

Register for Deeptech Project Nomination #3 now! 👉👩‍💻👨‍💻


Project Nomination

Edvid Creation Contest #3: Create EdVids for Kambria Knowledge Base

Edvid Creation #3

Discover the power of deep tech with Kambria’s Knowledge Base, and help us make it even better by participating in our Edvid Creation Contest! 

Create a 2-5 minute video explaining a technical concept related to technology and innovation, and you could win credits and have your EdVid featured in our Knowledge Base

Don’t wait – head to the contest page now to learn more and submit your entry.

 Let’s make a difference together! Click here to join: https://app.kambria.io/bounty/63e1c4bf6e23b800302a656b?c=#contest-rules 

Innovative Organization Nomination Contest #3: Nominating organizations with sustainable initiatives in animal rescue, mine clearing and ocean cleanup

Join us in expanding our network of innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world. This time, nominate an organization that shares our vision of driving innovation through 3 Kambria robotics DAOs.

Submit your nomination through an article, infographic, or video introducing the organization with sustainable initiatives in the category of animal rescue, mine clearing, or ocean cleanup.

Visit https://app.kambria.io/bounty/63e1c7886e23b800302a65d9?c=#contest-rules to learn more and participate.

Organization Nomination #3

Deeptech Expert Nomination Contest #3: Nominating experts to join the Judge Committee of Kambria DAOs, in the categories of Technical, Business or Industry

Expert Nomination

The development work of the technology solution in a Kambria DAO will be reviewed and approved by a Judge Committee. In this contest, we would love to invite the community to nominate experts to become our judges.

Nominators of the Top 5 Experts with at least 20 votes will receive a reward of $100 in KYTE. All nominated experts will be honored in the Kambria Expert Network, providing them with opportunities for future collaboration.

To participate, just create a video or design an infographic or write a blog article to nominate an expert to join the Judge Committee of Kambria DAOs, in the categories of Technical, Business, or Industry.

Nominate your expert today! https://app.kambria.io/bounty/63e4dfc26e23b800302a7c49?c=#Rules 

Join us in our mission to drive progress in the world of robotics and deep-tech innovation. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or join our Kambria Discord Community to connect with other members of our community. 

We can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the table! 💪🤖