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Dear DREP and Kambria Community! Thank you so much for taking the time sending us your questions during the AMA. The DREP team enjoyed and welcome all the questions. Below is a summary of the questions that were asked and answered during the AMA with DREP team on our main Telegram channel.

Can you give us an update on what DREP has been up to lately?
On the development end, DREP has achieved 63% of the overall development of the testnet and started its initial verification. The reputation protocol layer are currently designed by both in-house developers and our community developers.
Marketing-wise, DREP has recently launched a small-scale reputation mining and a Twitter slogan contest, both of which have been well received by the community.

How is your reputation layer different from the other ones in the community?
The question is quite broad. In essence, DREP’s reputation protocol layer is essentially a suite of solutions. DRApps will try to customize and choose different mechanism to solve their individual pain points.

What do you think how DREP and Kambria solve issues? And what will be the benefit for this community?
There are lots of synergies between DREP and Kambria. The most valuable one is our collaboration on the reputation quantifying algorithm and mechanism for developers and products on the upcoming Kambria platform. Plus, Kambria platform discussions and debates will leverage Blockbate, DREP’s first internally incubated DRApp, and two parties will co-develop an AI + Semantics algorithm for reputation management.

Could you explain the definition of Reputation under DREP System and the mechanism you use to quantify it?
So in essence, DREP Foundation is committed to building a performance-oriented technology infrastructure, supporting high transaction capacity for an ecosystem generating valuable reputation data. The dev team are currently working on:
– DREP Chain with sharding
– Reputation protocol (plugins and APIs)
And we have already more than 4 DApps in the ecosystem. Here is our main technology characteristics: sharding, cross-chain, and user security and privacy.

Do you think if DREP can defeat steemit project easily?
We are very different from Steemit actually. Steemit is a new platform where you create everything from scratch. DREP is building a decentralized reputation ecosystem to connect different internet platforms/ DRApps. DREP is more of open source technology platform such as Ethereum where projects can deploy on us while Steemit is a content generation platform.

What is the algo for the score generation?
Every platform will be have individual algorithms because they have a more nuanced understanding of the ideal behaviors they want to see from their users. We provide algorithm templates for major types of platforms. One of the reasons we use reputation systems as the point of penetration is that basically all the major platforms out there already have inherent/ native reputation systems. So more work will fall in the technical integration instead of concept design.

How will DREP work with NTU ?
Several areas of cooperation:
1. use scenarios of reputation protocol at campus
2. hackathons/ roadshows
3. mentorship support — workships/ webinars for uni students

Is drep thinking to do some partnership with Facebook as there privacy is matter of worry and DREP can help them out?
Actually I would like to share a piece of news our team found the other day https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2018/08/21/facebook-is-rating-trustworthiness-its-users-scale-zero-one/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.a1de9dec026b
Facebook is also looking at giving a reputation score to classify level of trust for their users. We do want to approach them but need to watch out for timing. Approaching the likes of Facebook or Amazon would be a waste of resources if the platform and technology are not mature yet

Who are our main competitors?
Actually DREP is a relatively unique project and it is not just about reputation. We want to build a performance-oriented infra. with high transaction capacity and a reputation protocol customizable for every APP within our ecosystem. Ontology and GxChain are somewhat closer to what we are doing currently.

How we are different from the competition?
Different from many projects out there trying to replace everything with blockchain, we want to become a technology enabler to achieve the mass adoption of blockchain technology by doing the integration in a very frictionless way. So it does not interfere with current models of operation for APPs and will be very light in the form of an API or plugins. We have already 5 DRApps in the network, three of them are traditioan APPs with existing user base. Usually we identify what kinds of platforms they are and what potential pain points they are faced with and we present how those problems can be solved or mitigated by solutions provided in the ecosystem.

When will the testnet and mainnet be done ?
The testnet will be released at Q4 2018. We have finished almost 70% of it. Our devs are working hard on it. Mainnet will be first quarter of 2019.

When exchange?
We understand that waiting for token listing is difficult. We want to assure the community that DREP is working hard to deliver our products. And token will be listed at a time we deem favorable for everyone’s investment and long-term development of the project. For our community, we are releasing good news batch by batch and running our social campaigns simultaneously to keep an active social presence for our community. We definitely want the best for our community and will hear all the feedbacks we have gathered from you guys.

The Kambria Team!


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