On December 2nd, members of Kambria’s development and marketing team participated in the State of Chain hackathon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Sponsored by Framgia and LongHash, the event challenged each team to create a product that solves a real-world problem. In order to win the competition, teams had to present their final product before the judges, experts in the IT industry.

Twenty-six teams from all over the world competed during the 40-hour event to develop solutions utilizing blockchain technology across five subjects: Infrastructure, Healthcare, Education, Digital Money, and Games.

We are proud to announce that members of our team — organized under the name Nairbmak (Kambrian in reverse) — won the top prize in the Healthcare division! This division was the most popular among all of the teams so the competition was especially stiff.

Nairbmak finished with 2 prizes:
– First Runner-up with a cash prize of $2000
– A Special Award by PwC Japan including a visit to Japan’s startup and blockchain communities fully sponsored by them.

Nairbmak’s win goes to show the strong development skills and creativity of our technical team here at Kambria. Congratulations on your win, gentlemen! We look forward to tracking your excellence!

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